Michael Capponi Sees Haiti in a Whole New Light

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A percentage of the gathering have been included in Jacmel for quite a while, including Bello and New York film chief David Belle who runs a film school in Jacmel, the Ciné Institute. Others, for example, fanciful creator Donna Karan and tennis star Venus Williams, were acquainted with Haiti after the seismic tremor, alongside Capponi.


When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, it brought massive destruction. Michael Capponi went to help. He is a developer from Florida, and in 2011 he saw fit to open his own non-profit organization to help these people. He wanted them to learn how to rebuild and he gave them the tools and education to do so. His charitable organization is called the Haiti Empowerment Mission, and it has been successful.

michael capponi

The Haitians never had a chance to learn how to be independent. This nation has been so used to the help from foreign aid that they never stood on their own two feet. He helped them to create an environment that would release them from the need for aid and they could harvest coffee and do other things like the rest of the world. Becoming self-sustaining will help them to pull their economic stance from the poverty level. The more Capponi went to Haiti, the more he realized how severe the problem was. So many thought the problem was just that these people were homeless, but the real problem is they are uneducated in how to take care of themselves. Through the help and teaching of Capponi, he is helping Haiti rebuild.